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Boreal Cordillera
Landform Regions in this eczone
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Pictures of the Boreal Cordillera

The Boreal Cordillera has many facts about it such as

Area: 432 000 km

Landforms: Mountains, some hills

Climate: long cold winter (-20 C); short, cool summers (12 C); very dry, precipitation

 300 to 500mm; growing season 125 to 150 days

Vegetation: mainly coniferous

Soil: variety of mountain soils

Human Activities: total population 16 000; GDP $0.9 billion; hunting, trapping, forestry, tourism, mining

Major cities: Whitehorse (21 808), Dawson

The Boreal Cordillera is made up of extensive mountains and valleys separated by wide lowlands, occupying the southern Yukon and northern half of British Columbia. It is bordered by the Coast Mountains to the west and extends north from the Montane Cordillera to the Mackenzie .To the east, it reaches as far as the Peace River country.


 The Boreal Cordillera Ecozone contains most of the Yukon's population. Whitehorse is the largest town with a population of 23 000, while the entire ecozone  contains to j31 000 people. The portion of the ecozone in B.C. is bearly populated. The relatively small population does not change land-use conflicts. Much of the valuable land for residential, agricultural and wildlife habitat is located in confined valleys.

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